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Since 1993, South Coast Flora has been supplying an extensive range
 of local native trees, shrubs, groundcovers, edible native plants and backyard tucker.

The trained and qualified staff at South Coast Flora are also able to help with
urban and rural landscape design and planning

Situated in the beautiful south coast area of Bermagui NSW,
South Coast Flora specialises in cooler climate bushfoods.

A member of the Sapphire Coast Producers Association,
South Coast Flora has been a part of bushfood trials in this region.
South Coast Flora grows many other plants that are particularly suited to this region and
supplies plants to Landcare groups also.

Education is also an important area of the business.
South Coast Flora regularly attends many Agricultural field days
and is proudly involved with local schools.


South Coast Flora
146 Dignams Creek Road via Narooma NSW Australia
phone: 02 6493 6747 | fax: 02 6493 6847 | email: